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ian memorial day

Inevitable….i know…but the day had to come where the puppy would be the starting point for a post….a Monday morning post no less. To be honest though, the basis for this inspiration is my gig for the week – dogsitter. My dear friend over at Incyourself┬áis off on an exciting adventure for the next few days and I’ve been given the opportunity to mind his house and his sweet animals. So armed with my pup Ian – that’s him in the pic – and a few other necessities, we’ve created a magicfish camp and plan for lots of reading, writing and inspirational thinking/brainstorming. It’s one of those things – being in a different space, no distractions from all the stuff at home, and the peace & quiet offered by a lovely little house – that fills me with a great sense of creative inspiration. And an excitement to see how much I can accomplish! What a great way to begin my week. O….and not to worry, there will be plenty of puppy fun going on as well.


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