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everyone….out of the water!

Okay…..there is no doubt how sadly remiss I have been about my little part of the pond here at magicfish. And, of course, I have a lovely laundry list of all the reasons why I haven’t been sharing much of the scenery but who wants to read all of that? Besides, one look at my blog stats and I knew it was time to switch it up and get busy! 

Actually there has been a bit of action – the behind the scenes kind – courtesy of my sweet friend xianaaron at Incyourself. Well a challenge really….the Incyourself – Magic Fish Sandwich Challenges. Here are a few basics: once a month (at least for now), we will choose a classic sandwich and give it the magicfish twist. I will work on a few development ideas – perfect blogging material – and then we will have a Taste-Off! For the moment the judging pool is relatively small but we will be growing that as we move forward in the challenges. Both xianaaron and I will post updates on the events, the images and the final results. Oh and maybe even a few recipes – the ones that pass muster of course! 

The first challenge begins this week with a very classic bit of sandwich – the Club sandwich. Specifically, the Turkey Club sandwich. I have a few tasty ideas already……..





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