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And now….

…following a month or nearly two of inner wrangling over content and focus, I decided that what this blog needs is to be AWAKE & ALIVE. To that end, a thought or two: while food is definitely a focus – the making, the sharing, the talking about, the shopping for, the reading, the writing – I want to fill in the nooks and crannies with some of the other essential and tempting elements that fire up my muse! Some elements will link to those in my life who inspire and fill me with light and love – my dearest friend Xian at The Sharing Hub, my pilates teacher Troy at Troy McCarty Pilates and the always fascinating and beautiful vision of Michael at NearZero Media. Others will link to tempting elements that bring my muse delight and keep her on track – Smitten Kitchen and Zen Habits mostly. And, of course, there will always be the elements that just keep the muse very interested (and frequently well-fed too!). So this is the beginning…..with definitely much more to follow!   


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